Customized product & EPR program

Plant Plus helps partner to redesign product, and recycle damaged PFP products.

Plastic waste problem is not only about materials or products service life, but also the most important is products recycle system to achieve circular economy. People are fighting and arguing “Forbid or Non-Forbid” single use items. In fact single use items are helping in many way in our life, and prevent disease or virus spreading. Reusable items are not only answer for plastic pollution, because of reusable product will broken or damaged eventually. No one can guarantee all the reusable products been recycled and recovered. We believe that our solution is a reusable, readily recyclable, and truly compostable alternative to reduce and hopefully remove the use of conventional plastic in different way. We do not intend to change the essential functionality of the products to jeopardize the adaptation of our solution to all stakeholders. We review our solution from multiple angles to ensure the impact is minimal.

The simple answer for plastic waste problem is, that single use items should be compostable, and reusable items should be with extended producer responsibility program (EPR program).

Plant Plus extended producer responsibility program (EPR program). 

Plant Plus will provide services for customized products, such as reusable cups, mobile shells, flower pots, building materials, etc., while providing recovery of damaged products and recycling of renewable materials. We reckon that innovations in materials or technology only are not sufficient to change the world or to solve all wastes problems. Instead, we should infuse new technology into existing feasible procedures to improve the existing system.

We are taking actions at the present, Plant Plus team and the share cup team are planning future cooperation to provide customized reusable cups, using our latest research and development in coffee grounds materials, complete customized products, provide EPR programs, recycle damaged products, carry out the process of reusable materials and stimulate the recycling cycle to help establish the brand. In the future, if the cups are damaged or broken, then share cup team can hand over the collection to Plant Plus’s NA local factory for crushing and material recovery , and we can use the recycled secondary material in mobile phone cases, flower pots , tables/ chairs, pallets and other products.