Plant Plus Straws

Plant Plus creates a truly compostable product made by bagasse a renewable resources. Agriculture crop waste is natural carbon cycle on the Earth surface. Normally, farmers will burn, or compost on the field, which will increase greenhouse gas emission and air pollution. However, under plant fiber technology, carbon emissions can be managed and controlled by modern industrial treatment without causing environmental pollution and help agricultural renewable resources production cycle. After processing, the raw materials are made into useful plant fiber materials that can be used to replace a wide range of petroleum material products. Plant fiber materials do not contain any petroleum materials, chemical additives, thus there will be no toxic substances or allergen problems in use. Plant Plus sugarcane fiber straws have passed several tests including the International Compostable Product Standard Test Certification (ASTM D6400) ,  the Compost Manufacturing Alliance of North America (CMA compost field test) the actual city’s organic waste composting system test. Test result showed that Plant Plus straws can be completely decomposed within 4-6 weeks, and retain the quality of organic cultivation soil amendment.

Contrast between different materials of straws

Renewable source: 10- all renewable source, 0 – non renewable source

Compostability: 10 – truly decomposes in green bin, 0 – can’t decompose in green bin

Shelf life: 10 – up to 24 months, 0 – 1 month

Cost: 10 – low cost for restaurants, 0 – high cost for restaurant

Texture: 10 – high durability and customary, 0 – low durability and customary

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Certified by internationally recognized organizations
and given numerous awards