Plant Fibre technology is a global patented technology which is using agriculture crop waste (byproduct), plant gum, and starch composite materil.

For each type of plant fibre there is a different process e.g: when sugarcane is extracted by manufacturer, those bags still have 80% water and carbohydrates in the fibre.

A simple and truly zero waste circular economy system.

PFP tech utilizes both renewable materials and recycling from agricultural waste.

Our goal

  1. Environmental Protection – Plant Plus’ compostable products are non-toxic and have less carbon emission. We support non-profit groups and work with composting facilities to organize a food packaging waste system.  
  2. Circular Economy – We use renewable resources from agriculture crop byproducts.  Our product end life is compostable and passed the Green Bin System field test. After our products have gone through the composting process, the result is healthy, clean, nutritious, and organic soil that can and will be reused to grow new plants and crops – completing a sustainable and circular cycle.