Plant Plus Straw

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Plant Plus sets up manufacturing facility in Edmonton International Airport’s Alberta Aerospace and Technology Centre.

EIA’s airport city

Plant Plus statement on May/09/2020

In the past few weeks, we have received a few complaints indicating that they purchased products from us through unknown website, such as clothing, backpacks, and hats, but had not received the products after several months. After our investigation, we spotted several fraud companies and websites using links to our website domain and selling spam products which would never be delivered after receiving the payments.

Here to our customers, we declare that as the Gallop group ,we only produce and supply sugarcane fiber straws, and use Plant Plus as brand name, only giving distributors the access to our distribution partner as sales channel, fulfillment by Amazon, and Plant Plus online shop service to retail channel. There is no other apparel and retail merchandising. If you need to order any bio-products from Gallop international trading co. Ltd, please consult the official distributors first to protect your rights. Gallop(Plant Plus) team also wish you all stay healthy and safe. Thank you for your continued support and attention.