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Here are businesses that have committed to helping us with our mission. Help us make a difference.

Pierside Deli

Steveston Village’s Pierside Deli

Proudly announcing our 1st official partner!
Janice, from Pierside Deli down at the fisherman’s wharf in Steveston Village immediately saw the value in our sustainable and amazing product. Her willingness to act on the moral obligation to protect our environment is nothing short of honourable and admirable!


Sequoia Downtown & Sequoia Dieppe is chosen as a TOP 3 FINALIST for the “Environmental Excellence Award” in Great Moncton NB. Support Local, proving the best organic and natural products. Now you can find Plant Plus sugarcane fiber straw in the stores!

Backstage Lounge

Backstage Lounge on Granville Island

Plant Plus would like to give a HUGE SHOUTOUT to Torrance from Backstage Lounge – Granville Island Stage – Stanley Theatre – BMO Theatre whom sees the both the necessity AND urgency to transition from plastic straws over to Plant Plus’ sugarcane fibre straws! He fell in love immediately with our product after seeing it & has committed to partnering with us!

Torrance runs these four establishments as non-profits for the passion and love of arts, and he also sees the significance in helping protect our environment as well!


The Cackling Goose Market is the first gluten-free organic bakery cafe in New Brunswick. They think Plant Plus sugarcane straw is the best choice to reduce plastic waste. Thanks for Mark and Amanda to become our partner fighting plastic pollution together.

G-Men Ramen

G-Men Ramen in Steveston Village, Richmond.

We would like to introduce one of our newest partners, G-Men Steveston Ramen! Plant Plus is proud to say that this quaint Japanese restaurant has decided to do their part in reducing their plastic waste by switching over to our NATURALLY DECOMPOSING sugarcane fibre straws. Thanks for taking the leap forward towards a greener future, G-Men! 

Wah Too Seafood Restaurant

From Vancouver to Toronto, we are excited to welcome aboard a new Plant Plus partner that sees value in joining us in our mission to protect the environment!

A big thank you to Wah Too Seafood Restaurant for supporting Plant Plus and using sugarcane fibre straws instead of traditional plastic! 


Another Plant Plus partner that immediately saw value and urgency to switch off of plastic straws! 

Huge thank you to Feastro The Rolling Bistro for supporting us in our battle against plastic & unnecessary waste! 

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