Plant Plus COVID-19 donation Plan

Plant + You together support Vulnerable groups.

During the global pandemics, Plant Plus team have decided to provide care and donations to the vulnerable groups, the elderly association, and the disabled association. We sincerely invite you to join us.

You can contact any association near you that you want to support. When you purchase a box of sugarcane fiber straws from us and provide us with the information for the vulnerable groups, then we will donate, in your name, the same amount and type of straws to the designated groups.

Our sugarcane fiber straws are hygienic, environmentally friendly and convenient, ensuring that vulnerable groups can drink clean and non-polluted water. Every 100 dollar donated can guarantee about 2,100 times of safety drinkings while reducing the use of conventional plastic straws. Let’s share and care for those who needed help, and contribute through the hard time together.

Step guideline:

1. Contact with vulnerable groups who is you going to donate. 

2. Send us email for information, and Plant Plus will send you a donation code.

3. Go to product, and chose the straw (recommend straw: Ø 6 Standard Sugarcane Fiber Straw Paper Wrapped (8″))

4. Fill the address of the vulnerable groups.

5. The vulnerable groups will receive straw donation on your name.